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Icestar - (Formally Icepath)- Pure white long haired she-cat with black nose, black right paw/half of leg and black tail tip and she has stunning ice blue eyes.  She loves her clan and is very caring and protective, yet she is quick to snap and start a fight.  She has a short temper and is ferocious in battle.  (Belongs to XxEpicPanda13xX


Graycloud- White she-cat with a gray stripe going down her back and odd purple eyes.  Very friendly towards friends, but can be heartless and rude when in a bad mood.  Her mother died durning kitting, has a foster mom (needs one) doesn't know her father. she has a torn ear from a battle between another clan. (Belongs to CrystleWhiteWolf)

M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. C.A.T.

Dawnshadow-  Silver tabby with dark stripes running down her spine; creamy underbelly and socks; rather dark hazel eyes, long whiskers, and a bright pink nose.  Being a med cat, Dawnshadow is extremely caring and persistent; She is knowledgeable, wise, and a bit playful. Always tries to emphasize the ups in life. Also being a member of the clan, she is loyal and respectful.  Born and raised in the clan! She has no sense of smell so she had to take the path of a medicine cat. Orphaned due to her mother's case of flu... which led to death.  (Belongs to StripedBanana)

M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. C.A.T. A.P.P.R.E.N.T.I.C.E.  

Sealpaw-  ~ Blue seal point with blue eyes.  She loves to help whenever possible. She hates getting into fights with her clanmates.  Her mother (a loner) left her when she was born, but she was taken and raised by the clan, her mother was never seen and her father is unknown. (Belongs to PolarbearToxicDeath)


Glacershard -  A light grey-ish blue fur with darker grey stripes on her face and legs.  Though a slight snappy, Glacershard has earned her place as a respected warrior among her clan. She can be a bit rash at times and not mean the words she has spoken. Most apprentices are afraid to approach her, which annoys her quite a bit.  Glacershard longs to have an apprentice, and one day become a deputy. Is looking for a loyal soul mate.  (Belongs to MinerWolf9000)

Silvermist - Small, fluffy white she-cat with a long, plumy tail, fur is tipped with silver to give a soft, cloudy appearance, pale blue eyes. Loyal, clever, and kind.  Was born a rouge, (formerly named Misty) and joined IceClan after her mother died of greencough and her father was killed by a badger.  Wishes to become deputy. (Belongs to WarriorCatHeart )

FrostShard -  A tall white tom with brown tip of tail and front paws.  He is fast strong loyal and brave very fast kind.  He was left by riverclan as a kit and wishes to become deputy.  (Belongs to Tomboy974 )


Mintpaw - She is a small grayish blue cat with white paws, tail tip, and ears.   She is loyal, strong, loving, caring, honest, a leader, and sweet.  Wishes to become deputy. (Belongs to Meluna22)


Tidepaw - Brown tabby she cat. Skinny yet furry tail. Underbelly, tail, paws (except for right paw which is pure white), and muzzle are a lighter shade of pelt color.Inner ears are color of tabby stripes. Nose and paws are a dull, pale shade of pink. Cheeks, chest, and neck are very fluffly.Eyes are a bright, icy blue.  Curious, protective, good swimmer.  Her father was a warrior named Strongleap. Her mother was a cat from a different clan close by a seashore and her name was Tidepool. Strongleap fell in love with Tidepool and they met in secret regularly. One day Strongleap found Tidepool dead in a pool of her own blood with three kits surrounding her, and he assumed she died kitting his kits. Even more sad, two of the kits were dead. Strongleap took the kit still living and named it Tidekit in memory of his mate. He lied to his clan and said he found the kit abandon by an unknown cat so nobody knew he had kits with a cat of a different clan. He raised the kit himself who is now Tide, an apprentice waiting to be trained. (Belongs to MintOreo8889 )


Blackpaw-frost.  black she-cat with grey paws and orange eyes. Tends to sharpen her claws on tree bark. Blackpaw is aggressive,defiant,and mysterious in her own ways.  Mother is CloudShine.  Father is Duskwhisper.  Brothers are silverpaw, toadpaw,and jaypaw.  Despite her aggressive ways Blackpaw tends to make friends as quick as possible,even if they're from a different clan
Her family lives in the mountains away from Iceclan.  (Belongs to Caty34576 )

Icefur- A silky white she cat with solid green eyes.  Kind and sweet which can turn to fierce brave and loyal. History Located  Here   Mate- Dead Kits- Expecting (Belongs to Kittycat1010)



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July 24, 2013


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