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Welcome to IceClan!

We are now accepting Warriors, apprentices, queens/kits, and elders!! Warriors are needed!!

Welcome to IceClan! Please make sure to read all the rules if you're thinking about joining!

:bulletblue: The Warrior Code :bulletblue: Medicine Cat's Den :bulletblue: Ceremonies :bulletblue: Cat Language :bulletblue:Cats of the Clan :bulletblue: Territory :bulletblue: RolePlay Chat


:bulletred: If you RP, you must be active.
:bulletred: Be nice! No bashing, fighting, cursing, ect.
:bulletred: Follow DA's rules.
:bulletred: When you RP, no mary sues, no godmodding, power playing, ect.
:bulletred: Have fun!


:bulletblue: After you join, please click here to make a reference sheet of your cat! :bulletblue:

To Join (Please place this in the comment section):
Cat's Name:
History: (optional)
Rank: (Are they warrior, kit, apprentice, ect?)
Does this cat wish to become medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, or a deputy?

:bulletblue: You can have up to four cats!! Just be sure to keep all of them active!! :bulletblue:

:icontypewriter-iplz::icontypewriter-cplz::icontypewriter-eplz::icontypewriter-cplz::icontypewriter-lplz::icontypewriter-aplz::icontypewriter-nplz: :icontypewriter-nplz::icontypewriter-eplz::icontypewriter-wplz::icontypewriter-splz:

Season: Greenleaf
Weather: Clear and warm with a slight breeze
Prey: Abundant

:bulletred: It would also be nice if you are to invite your friends to come join us!

Group Info

Welcome to IceClan! A fan made Warrior Cat Clan! We are now up for business! Feel free to join if you like, and we will notify when the RP Chat room is completed!
Founded 4 Years ago
Jul 24, 2013


Group Focus
Warrior Cat Fan Clan

21 Members
27 Watchers
1,855 Pageviews
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I am so so so so sorry about neglecting this group!  This is so late, but school has been a mess and honestly, I completely forgot about this. ):  I'll be on every single day from now on, so things will be up and running in no time!

It's about time IceClan's had its first, official hunting trip!  Draw your cat (With others or solo) hunting and taking the prey back to the camp and the apprentices (If you have one) taking food to the elders!  Be sure to submit it to the "Hunting" folder! (:

More Journal Entries


Welcome to IceClan! This is an original Warrior Cats fan clan that was made about five or six years ago. Icepath (Icestar) is the leader and creator of this clan, so if you have any questions, please contact me (XxEpicPanda13xX).

This will be postponed until any further notice due to computer issues and inadequate time. RP will still continue on DeviantART, but will not be on the forums. Thank you for your patience.
Main clan will be on forums once it is complete for RP, and this will be more like the information page, but there shall also be a page here for RP if you are unavailable to belong to the forums.







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PolarbearToxicDeath Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Kittycat1010 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013

Cat's Name: Icefur

Description: A silky white she cat with solid green eyes.

Personality: Kind and sweet which can turn to fierce brave and loyal.


Rank: Queen
Crush/Mate/Kits: Mate- Dead Kits- Expecting


Aww aint it cute 

Kittycat1010 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Can I be a queen named Icefur who is expecting at anytime.
(1 Reply)
PolarbearToxicDeath Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Is it alright if I make it in the Fan Clan area? I cant find a mountain near Thunderclan :/
(1 Reply)
PolarbearToxicDeath Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student General Artist
I had an idea.. but it'll only work if everyone has minecraft.. Oh well... My idea is, since I have a minecraft server with Warrior cats RP we could make this clan, everyone would get to keep their ranks too. if anyone likes the idea and has minecraft (and of course if I get perms to make Iceclan) then we can do that! X3 I need more people anyway
(2 Replies)
PolarbearToxicDeath Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student General Artist
uh... I was wondering if I could be medicine cat apprentice..? Its ok if I cant, I'm fine either way but med cat is what I'm best at X3

Cats Name: Badgerpaw
Description: light grey she-cat with a white stripe from nose to tail. One light green eye and one midnight blue eye.
Personality: she loves to help whenever possible. She hates getting into fights with her clanmates.
History: her mother (a loner) left her when she was born, but she was taken and raised by the clan, her mother was never seen and her father is unknown.
Rank: Apprentice
 (hopefully med cat apprentice)
(1 Reply)
StripedBanana Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Student Filmographer
Uh, hello there!
I've been looking for a warriors rp for awhile, this one actually looks interesting! ^^
Here's my form; is it alright that I make the picture of her after I join?

Cat's Name: Dawnshadow
Description: Silver tabby with dark stripes running down her spine; creamy underbelly and socks; rather dark hazel eyes, long whiskers, and a bright pink nose.
Personality: Being a med cat, Dawnshadow is extremely caring and persistent; She is knowledgeable, wise, and a bit playful. Always tries to emphasize the ups in life. Also being a member of the clan, she is loyal and respectful. 
History: Born and raised in the clan! She has no sense of smell so she had to take the path of a medicine cat. Orphaned due to her mother's case of flu... which led to death. 
Rank: Medicine cat?
Crush/Mate/Kits: None
(1 Reply)
CrystleWhiteWolf Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cat's Name: Graycloud
Description: White she-cat with a gray stripe going down her back see icon or gallery and odd purple eyes
Personality: Very friendly towards friends, but can be heartless and rude when in a bad mood.
History: Her mother died durning kitting, has a foster mom (needs one) doesn't know her father. she has a torn ear from a battle between another clan.
Rank: Warrior
Does this cat wish to become medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, or a deputy? hopes to be deputy
Crush/Mate/Kits: Doesn't have a mate/crush/kits
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