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Welcome to IceClan!

We are now accepting Warriors, apprentices, queens/kits, and elders!! Warriors are needed!!

Welcome to IceClan! Please make sure to read all the rules if you're thinking about joining!

:bulletblue: The Warrior Code :bulletblue: Medicine Cat's Den :bulletblue: Ceremonies :bulletblue: Cat Language :bulletblue:Cats of the Clan :bulletblue: Territory :bulletblue: RolePlay Chat


:bulletred: If you RP, you must be active.
:bulletred: Be nice! No bashing, fighting, cursing, ect.
:bulletred: Follow DA's rules.
:bulletred: When you RP, no mary sues, no godmodding, power playing, ect.
:bulletred: Have fun!


:bulletblue: After you join, please click here to make a reference sheet of your cat! :bulletblue:

To Join (Please place this in the comment section):
Cat's Name:
History: (optional)
Rank: (Are they warrior, kit, apprentice, ect?)
Does this cat wish to become medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, or a deputy?

:bulletblue: You can have up to four cats!! Just be sure to keep all of them active!! :bulletblue:

:icontypewriter-iplz::icontypewriter-cplz::icontypewriter-eplz::icontypewriter-cplz::icontypewriter-lplz::icontypewriter-aplz::icontypewriter-nplz: :icontypewriter-nplz::icontypewriter-eplz::icontypewriter-wplz::icontypewriter-splz:

Season: Greenleaf
Weather: Clear and warm with a slight breeze
Prey: Abundant

:bulletred: It would also be nice if you are to invite your friends to come join us!

Group Info

Welcome to IceClan! A fan made Warrior Cat Clan! We are now up for business! Feel free to join if you like, and we will notify when the RP Chat room is completed!
Founded 4 Years ago
Jul 24, 2013


Group Focus
Warrior Cat Fan Clan

22 Members
28 Watchers
1,919 Pageviews
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I am so so so so sorry about neglecting this group!  This is so late, but school has been a mess and honestly, I completely forgot about this. ):  I'll be on every single day from now on, so things will be up and running in no time!

It's about time IceClan's had its first, official hunting trip!  Draw your cat (With others or solo) hunting and taking the prey back to the camp and the apprentices (If you have one) taking food to the elders!  Be sure to submit it to the "Hunting" folder! (:

More Journal Entries


Welcome to IceClan! This is an original Warrior Cats fan clan that was made about five or six years ago. Icepath (Icestar) is the leader and creator of this clan, so if you have any questions, please contact me (XxEpicPanda13xX).

This will be postponed until any further notice due to computer issues and inadequate time. RP will still continue on DeviantART, but will not be on the forums. Thank you for your patience.
Main clan will be on forums once it is complete for RP, and this will be more like the information page, but there shall also be a page here for RP if you are unavailable to belong to the forums.







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CartoonishJay Featured By Owner Edited May 10, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cats name: Jaykit right now, then Jaypaw, Jaywing
Gender: Female
Age: 2 moons
Rank: Kit
Appearance: Bluish-grey Long haired pelt with a white underbelly, chest fur, muzzle, and paws. Her tail is silky and long. She has dark markings all over her and electric blue eyes.
Parents: dead
Siblings: dead
Mate: none (but wants one)
Kits: none  
Personality: Quick-tempered but sweet, loving, helpful, loyal, smart.
History: She had one sibling named Ravenkit and they both went on an adventure away from their clan. Ravenkit died while on that adventure so Jaykit went back. 

Does this cat wish to become medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, or a deputy? No.
666thedevil Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  New Deviant  General Artist
I would like to join your Dawn-Clan group. Reference sheet below. (No picture. Sorry!) Please tell me if you would like me to change anything.

Name: Honeypaw
Gender: Female
Age: 6 1/8 moons
Rank: Med Cat Apprentice
Appearance: A pale golden-ginger she-cat with with dark golden stripes along her back. She is long haired with a feathery tail. She has green eyes, and a dark golden muzzle and paws.
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Mate: None
Kits: None
Personality: Sweet, shy, loving, helpful, eager to learn, smart, submissive, quiet, easily frightened, a bit sensitive
History: A normal kit hood. She once belonged to ThunderClan. Left because no one wanted to be her mentor.
warriorcatswanart Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Cat's name: Shallowpaw
Description: A she-cat on the smaller side a grayish black with ears straight black and the right front paw tip.
Personality: Caring, Shy, Likes being alone, Honest, Loyal.
History: This shy cat was found on the outskirts of the clan abandoned and brought in, they do not know this but always looks around and thinks their slender frame that let her navigate the tree tops swifter then most was out of place.   
Rank: Apprentice
Wishes to be: Med cat apprentice
Crush/mats/kits: None
PolarbearToxicDeath Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Student General Artist
We need to get this group more active... Would you mind if I made a few suggestions?
(1 Reply)
Caty34576 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Blackpaw-frost
Description: black she-cat with grey paws and orange eyes.Tends to sharpen her claws on tree bark. Blackpaw is aggressive,defiant,and mysterious in her own ways.
Kin:Mother:cloudShine,Father:Duskwhisper,brothers,silverpaw toad paw,and jaypaw .
Social Life: Despite her aggressive ways Blackpaw tends to make friends as quick as possible,even if they're from a different clan
Her family lives in the mountains away from Iceclan
Icedog829 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey, if its ok, i would like to change my character.
(1 Reply)
MintOreo8889 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Description: Brown tabby she cat. Skinny yet furry tail. Underbelly, tail, paws (except for right paw which is pure white), and muzzle are a lighter shade of pelt color.Inner ears are color of tabby stripes. Nose and paws are a dull, pale shade of pink. Cheeks, chest, and neck are very fluffly.Eyes are a bright, icy blue.

Personality:Curious, protective, good swimmer.

History: Her father was a warrior named Strongleap. Her mother was a cat from a different clan close by a seashore and her name was Tidepool. Strongleap fell in love with Tidepool and they met in secret regularly. One day Strongleap found Tidepool dead in a pool of her own blood with three kits surrounding her, and he assumed she died kitting his kits. Even more sad, two of the kits were dead. Strongleap took the kit still living and named it Tidekit in memory of his mate. He lied to his clan and said he found the kit abandon by an unknown cat so nobody knew he had kits with a cat of a different clan. He raised the kit himself who is now Tide, an apprentice waiting to be trained.


Tidepaw wishes to become a warrior

Does not have a crush or mate or kits
WarriorCatHeart Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Silvermist
Description: Small, fluffy white she-cat with a long, plumy tail, fur is tipped with silver to give a soft, cloudy appearance, pale blue eyes.
Personality: Loyal, clever, and kind.
History: Was born a rouge, (formerly named Misty) and joined IceClan after her mother died of greencough and her father was killed by a badger.
Rank: Warrior
Does This Cat Wish to Become Medicine Cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice, or A Deputy?: Yes, deputy.
Crush/Mate/Kits: N/A
Tomboy974 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
im not able to contribute are so HERE HE IS
Tomboy974 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Cat's Name:FrostShard
Description:A tall white tom with brown tip of tail and front paws
Personality:He is fast strong loyal and brave very fast kind
History:was left by riverclan as a kit
Does this cat wish to become medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, or a deputy?
(1 Reply)
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